Satie: Embryons Desseches

Satie: Embryons Desseches

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In the summer of 1913 Satie once more poked fun at himself and the world of music with a set of parodic Piano pieces on various marine animals, giving it the grotesque title #Embryons desséchés# (Desiccated Embryos). The notation without barlines, the #stories# beneath the music and the spoofsof well-known pieces of music, most strikingly the Funeral March from Chopin#s Piano #Sonata in B-flat minor#, make the work a barrel of musical fun. This Urtext edition faithfully adheres to the sources and reflects the latest findings of Satie scholarship. It contains translations of all of Satie#s French texts, practical page-turns, notes on performance practice by Satie specialist Steffen Schleiermacher and an informative foreword.

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