Schumann: Album For The Young

Schumann: Album For The Young

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R. Schumann: Album For The Young - 43 Piano Pieces Op.68

In 1848, after finishing an album of little Piano pieces for his daughter Marie, Schumann devised the plan of compiling a #children#s album#. Since then the resultant collection of 43 pieces has enjoyed unparalleled success. Schumann#s Album For The Young is now presented in an Urtext edition which meets the needs of performers. In addition to the famous #Advice to Young Musicians# (in German, English and a French translation by Liszt), other pieces related to this work but left unpublished during Schumann#s lifetime can be found in the appendix. For the first time this edition also includes Clara Schumann#s original pedal markings. Clara#s fingering served Ragna Schirmer as an important point of departure for her own thoughts on fingering.

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