Music Express Age 9-10

Music Express Age 9-10

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Helen MacGregor's Music Express is the primary class teacher's simple answer to 'how do I teach music?'. This complete scheme includes content in the familiar structure of units, lessons and activities, and provides up to date delivery of the English National Curriculum from September 2014. This updated 2014 edition offers 60 completely new units of work, supplying musical learning from age 5 to 11. Just as its first edition, Music Express Second Edition presents an invaluable resource of great songs, stories, visuals, movies and music from across the world and across history. With links to every subject and with lesson plans catering to all music curricula of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Music Express is relevant to all schools and all children. Fully supported by CDs and audio-embedded whiteboard displays, the books take teachers and children alike on an enriching and thoroughly engaging journey of musical discovery and creativity.

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