Telemann Sonata

German baroque composer, Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) was a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, becoming a composer against his family's wishes. However, his musical career saw him hold important positions and, to this day, he remains a major composer. His sublime Sonata in C minorfor Oboe is superbly arranged for Alto Saxophone by contemporary French saxophonist, Jean-Marie Londeix. 
Telemann composed his Sonata in C minor for Oboe whilst in service to the German Royal family. During this time, he composed a wealth of instrumental music, including Sonatas and Concertos. Londeix's arrangement for Saxophone of Telemann's Sonata includes adaptions for the instrument, such as dynamics, phrase marks, performance and tempo directions, articulation and breath marks, making the baroque genre accessible to the Saxophone, a relatively modern instrument.

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