Everlasting Voices Med High

Everlasting Voices Med High

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Everlasting Voices


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Increasing numbers of people are taking to singing in later life, driven in part by increasing medical evidence of of the health benefits it brings. Singing aids physical and neurological well-being, but above all it brings enjoyment, not only to those who have a lifetime experience of singing (both in choirs and solo), but also for those to whom it comes as an entirely new activity. Everlasting Voices, compiled specificlaly for the older singer, contains: 24 songs with a modest vocal range, in a wide range of styles; backgrouned notes about the songs and their composers; prononciation guides for singing in Italian, German, Spanish, and French; a guide to keping your voice healthy; performing advice and technical guidance. Compiled and edited by Veronica Veysey Campbell & Liza Hobbs.

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