Little Voices Songs from the Movie

Little Voices Songs from the Movie

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The latest addition to the bestselling Little Voices series features five favourite Songs From The Movies, specially arranged in two parts for young groups and choirs. The unique audio download includes demonstration audio and Piano backing tracks to make this the complete teaching package.

With five favourite songs from the major animated movies 'Frozen' (Let It Go), 'Despicable Me' (Happy), 'The Lego Movie' (Everything Is Awesome), 'Kung Fu Panda' (Kung Fu Fighting) and 'Toy Story 3' (Le Freak), not only is this a fantastic way to introduce young beginners to part-singing, these are also catchy and familiar songs that children will love to sing.

Every song appears in standard notation with the two vocal parts, as well as the Piano Accompaniment with chord names. For the first time in the Little Voices series, an accompanying Audio Download is included with Songs From The Movies. This features demonstration tracks featuring children's voices, as well as backing tracks with professionally-recorded Piano. It also features lyric presentations that can be projected on a screen or printed.

Little Voices also includes some invaluable tips for teaching, learning and performing these songs, both in general and specific to each tune, written by the arranger Barrie Carson-Taylor. This makes learning them as easy as possible and, coupled with the enjoyable melodies, as enjoyable as possible.

For young beginners who are just starting out with part-singing, this is the perfect package to get children singing songs they know and love. The popular melodies, wonderfully arranged harmonies and unique audio download make Little Voices - Songs From The Movies a brilliant choice for young choirs and groups.

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