Rockschool Vocals Companion

Rockschool Vocals Companion

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The Rockschool Vocals Companion Guide is the essential practice and teaching resource for all unprepared tests in the latest Rockschool Vocal syllabus. Designed with both student and tutor in mind, the Companion Guide provides you with a vast choice of examples, each written specifically to help develop your skills across a range of genres.

This book is a Companion Guide to the Rockschool 2014#2017 Vocal Syllabus and should be used alongside the candidate books and the Syllabus Guide. Inside you will find examples of the #unseen# tests which you will encounter in a Rockschool grade exam. The Companion Guide has been produced to help you practise these tests and therefore maximise your exam performance.

Quick study pieces in multiple genres
Ear Tests including Melodic Recall, Rhythmic Recall and Harmony Vocal examples
Improvisation and Interpretation Pieces
Sight Reading pieces
General Musicianship questions
Professional backing tracks: specifically for QSPs and Improvisation and Interpretation
Downloadable audio: stylistically accurate examples of vocal performances across Rock and Indie, Pop and Musical Theatre, Soul and R'n'B, Jazz and Blues
Harmony vocal backing tracks: featuring multiple two-part and three-part examples

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