Best of John Legend

Best of John Legend

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The Best Of John Legend contains 14 of the most popular selections from the powerhouse R&B singer and pianist, arranged for Piano, Vocal and Guitar. Following a number of successful collaborations, John Legend released his own albums to great critical acclaim, turning him into a monument of modern soul and pop crossover. Having released four albums to date, and a fifth in collaboration with the incredible hip-hop group The Roots, Legend has, himself become a pop legend in such a short space of time. Bursting onto the scene in 2004 with 'Get Lifted', his soulful and mellow voice was matched by infectious and heartfelt songwriting. The best songs from this album, Ordinary People and Used To Love U, are included in this collection of John Legend sheet music, allowing you to learn these masterful pop tunes. Following his début, a string of successful records spawned even more successful singles, all beautiful ballads mixed with upbeat old-school soul tunes that are unbelievably fun to sing and play. Songs like Stay With You, You And I, Everybody Knows, This Time and Tonight, all sung by Legend's silky smooth voice and pretty Piano playing. The real star of this songbook, however, is the All Of Me sheet music, giving you everything you need to learn the inspiring chord progression, the heartfelt lyrics and beautiful melody of this fantastic modern love song. Going straight to number one in the USA and being the 3rd bestselling single in the UK, Legend's songwriting talents really shine on this track, a tribute to his wife. All Of Me, or any of the songs in this Best Of John Legend collection, would make a great candlelit serenade, a perfect practice piece or simply a contemporary and soulful addition to your usual repertoire. Pick up the Best Of John Legend, arranged for Piano, Vocal and Guitar today and start learning 14 of his greatest hits from across all four of the singer's acclaimed albums.

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