Tokio Myers Our Generation

Tokio Myers Our Generation

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The official songbook for Britain's Got Talent winner Tokio Myers' debut album, Our Generation. Created in close collaboration with the artist, it contains all 13 songs from the album, for solo piano, with chord symbols and full lyrics. The book also includes stunning imagery and specially-written song introductions. "Instead of asking 'Why?', we should be saying: 'Why not?' That's always been my attitude, from when I was a small kid. I don#t recognise those so-called boundaries. In music, you can do anything you want." Tokio Myers isn't a person who is terribly bothered by convention. The multi-talented pianist, composer and producer is a man on a mission. Fusing the classical music he fell in love with as a young child with the beats and textures of the dance music he immersed himself in in his teens, Tokio is a compelling example of what can happen when you throw away the rulebook. The days when you needed to seek permission to go against the grain as an artist are gone, he argues.

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