Band Instrument Rental Scheme

Our Instrument Rental Scheme has developed over more than 40 years so that it now combines discount prices with the flexibility to try before you buy.
Brass, Woodwind, Strings, Guitars, Keyboards and Drum kits may all be rented for an initial 4 months. At the end of that period you may:

  • Return the instrument
  • Continue to pay monthly rental
  • Decide to purchase an instrument in which case the amount of rent paid (up to a maximum of 6months) will be deducted from the price of the instrument you choose so long as its price is at least the same as that of the instrument rented.


VAT-free purchases.

Purchasers of instruments used as part of a child’s education in a state school or music centre can often take advantage of this scheme. We can advise as well as help by completing the various forms.


Piano Rental (Acoustic Pianos)

Foulds Piano Rental Plan makes it possible for more people to afford the piano of their choice. Whether you’re a professional or just starting out, your new piano will give you hours of pleasure, for just a small monthly payment. 
There is no minimum or maximum period. You just continue to rent for as long as it suits you. If you decide you would like to buy, we’ll offer you special after-rental terms.


Piano Rental (Digital Pianos)

Selected models are available to rent monthly for a minimum of 6 months. We offer special terms for those purchasing an instrument after rental. Please call us for details.


IMPORTANT: Proof of identity

Rental is available to those aged 18 or more through the shop in Derby only. You will be asked to provide proof of identity and address (this may be a driving licence, utility bill or any other official pass/document which shows your current address) as well as employment details including place of work, address and work telephone number.

We also ask for a valid credit/debit/switch card for the initial payment which we require to be the same account that the required standing order will be set up on. If you are self-employed or in rented accommodation we may ask for a referee’s details and we reserve the right not to rent entirely at our own discretion.

We take data protection very seriously and you can view our GDPR compliant 2018 company policy here

Further Information

For more information, please contact us at:

Telephone +44 (0) 1332 344842 / 342654

Or send us a message Here