TJ Tenor Sax X/R

TJ Tenor Sax X/R

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The Trevor James #horn# saxophones were introduced in 1990, with Trevor James stating that they wanted to #make a distinctive, reasonably priced student saxophone without compromising quality#. They have certainly done this as they have won no less than three awards with these instruments.
The Classic II saxophone is an updated version of the Horn Revolution 1, and features an updated crook design, aiming to make sound production both easier and fuller.
It is a perfect model for any beginner player, up to around approximately a grade 5 standard.
This particular model is a second hand one, but in excellent condition. It plays very well throughout the range of the instrument, and has a very mellow tone which you do not always get with student saxophones, thus showing why the Classic gains so many positive reviews from both players and teachers worldwide.
It has also been to see our resident repairer too to ensure that it is in very good playing condition.
The saxophone comes complete with case (backpack style), neck sling, black plastic Trevor James mouthpiece, cork grease and two 1.5 reeds, perfect to get you started on your saxophone journey!

This model is also available to rent through our rental scheme. Please enquire for more details.

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