Sight Reading Success Piano Gr 2

Sight Reading Success Piano Gr 2

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Every book in the exciting new Sight Reading Successseries features a wealth of expert and practical advice written by experienced examiners and teachers, helping you to achieve triumph in your sight reading exams. Uniquely, each book is accompanied by a CD, providing much-needed guidance through each test and demonstrating how it should sound (with Vocals by Kate Johnson and Piano by Harriet Power). The books are ideal for independent use by students of all ages, as well as any other pianists who wish to improve their ability at such an essential skill for Piano playing. Sight Reading Success gradually takes the reader through various concepts that are essential to sight-reading like rhythm, pitch, tempo, note types and different key signatures, while also providing practice scores to illustrate these ideas so that you can play through music, and test yourself against the accompanying CD. To prepare most efficiently and effectively for the sight-reading exam, Sight Reading Success For Piano Grade 2 is the most comprehensive and complete guide on getting you that passing grade in your forthcoming exam.

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