Jazz FX Trombone Treble Clef

Jazz FX Trombone Treble Clef

  • £9.50

JAZZFX for Trombone Treble Clef

Fifteen solos for trombone with duet/trio combos and optional CD backing.
Originally conceived as a set of solo jazz studies, the idea behind JAZZFX steadily grew, firstly by adding duet/trio versions of each of the studies in the same book, and then by adding backing tracks. Students can play along with the CD and feel like they are in the middle of the band. Great fun to play in all settings, and ideal for concerts and music medals.
... The Ending's Well # Swinging Janos # Mellowdrama # Puddle Hopping # Heads Up # Rico Town # Spy P.I. # Aye Carumba! # Blues for Sam # Prairie Contrary # Future Bright # Waltz for Woody # Re: Bad Dinner # And Now it's Time # Silver Lining
'... really well thought out with duet versions of all the tunes as well as very stylish backing tracks.' The Trombonist

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