20 Progressive Fingerstyle Studies For Uke

20 Progressive Fingerstyle Studies For Uke

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20 Progressive Fingerstyle Studies For Uke has been written for Ukulele players looking to develop their ability on the instrument. The studies in this collection cover a vast array of styles and genres as wide-ranging as blues, jazz, minimalism and serialism, showcasing the versatility of the instrument. Each study is designed to be fundamentally pedagogical while simultaneously written with performance and expression in mind.
The studies touch on arpeggios, scales, modes, ii-V-I chord sequences, strumming, syncopation, campanella fingerings, improvisation, hammer-ons and pull-offs. The exercises have been specially devised to build technique in both hands. Mastery of these studies will equip the Ukulele player with the tools to tackle any style of music on the instrument.

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