Colin Tribe: Irish Folk Tunes For Ukulele

Colin Tribe: Irish Folk Tunes For Ukulele

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Irish Folk Tunes For Ukulele presents a collection of 36 pieces for solo fingerstyle Ukulele playing.
Drawn from the rich tradition of Irish folk music the collection covers a range of styles including some popular, as well as lesser known pieces. Experienced Ukulele player and teacher Colin Tribe along with musicologist Andrew Robinson provide notes on all of the pieces, as well as technical aspects of the playing style.
This volume is accompanied by a CD with a recording of all tunes. German and French translations of all texts are available as PDF downloads from the Schott Music website.
Suitable for both beginners as well as more experienced Ukulele players.
Part of the best selling World Music series, which also includes music from England, Ireland, Scotland, Eastern Europe, America, Argentina, India, China and Korea.

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