Ukulele Playing - Grade 4 (Book/CD)

Ukulele Playing - Grade 4 (Book/CD)

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This book is ideal for intermediate players seeking to further develop their Ukulele techniques and forms part of an expertly structured method of studying the Ukulele. The user-friendly format comes complete with pieces presented in both uke tab and traditional notation, as well as a free CD so you can #listen and learn#.
This book covers all the material needed for the RGT Grade Four exam in Ukulele playing, enabling you to study for an internationally-recognised qualification. Even if you do not intend to take an exam, this book will help intermediate level players develop all aspects of their playing in a structured way.
This volume is designed to progress the skills of an intermediate level player and includes an extensive range of chords, as well as a variety of strumming patterns. Also included are four attractive and carefully arranged solo performance pieces, plus chapters on both accompaniment and broader musicianship skills.
Whether you are a fingerstyle or plectrum player the design of this book makes it an ideal resource to further develop your Ukulele playing.

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