Viola Time Runners (CD Edition)

Viola Time Runners (CD Edition)

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Viola Time Joggers boasts no less than 33 simple yet delightful melodies that will encourage and inspire the Viola beginner. The pieces have been written and selected to offer opportunities to develop all the skills the early Viola player needs, and to develop your confidence with the instrument. The book includes: Open-string pieces and tunes for finger pattern 0-1-23-4 and 0-1-2-34; All manner of styles from Rag to Flamenco; A range of tuners by well-known composers including Handel and Mozart; C-String Specials, to give you plenty of practice on the C stringEasy duets to play with friends of your teacher; Semiquavers, dotted crotchets and 6/8 time; A Music Fact-Finder page to help with awkward words and signs. A CD is included that features full performances that you can play along to, with Drums and Bass added to the Jazz and Rock numbers.
Many of the tunes are also compatible with the Fiddle Time Runners collection for Violin (catalogue no.3220954)
A set of straight-forward Piano accompaniments are also available (catalogue no.3221209)

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