Debussy Works For Violin/Pno

Debussy Works For Violin/Pno

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Debussy, Claude: Works for Violin and Piano

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Claude Debussy had difficulties finishing his last major work, the Sonata for Violin and Piano. This can be seen in the many drafts which have been handed down and the fact that the cycle for which it was conceived was left unfinished. The work originated under the impact of Debussy#s progressing illness as well as the First World War.
The first edition, published during the final year of Debussy#s life, contains many rhythmic errors. The non-autograph metronome marks as well as the discrepancies between the separate violin part and the violin part in small print in the piano score are two problems that have affected the work#s later reception. Both are examined here in a fresh light.
In addition to the Sonata, this edition contains arrangements of #La fille aux cheveux de lin# and #Il pleure dans mon coeur# by the American violinist Arthur Hartmann. It was Hartmann who inspired Debussy to make an arrangement of his well-known piano piece #Minstrels#, also included in our edition.

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