Improve Your Sight Reading Gr 1

Improve Your Sight Reading Gr 1

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A workbook for examinations including over 100 practice tests for Associated Board exams, supporting the new syllabus requirements from 2012. The ability to sight-read fluently is a vital skill, enabling you to learn new pieces more quickly and play with other musicians. The best-selling Improve your sight-reading! series, by renowned educationalist Paul Harris, is designed to help you overcome all your sight-reading problems, especially in the context of graded exams. Step by step you build up a complete picture of each piece, firstly through rhythmic and melodic exercises related to a specific technical issues, then by studying prepared pieces with associated questions, and finally 'going solo' with a series of meticulously graded sight-reading pieces. This edition has been devised to support the revised sight-reading criteria from the ABRSM from 2012.

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