Michael Nyman: Time Will Pronounce For Violin, Cello And Piano

For violin, cello and piano 'The title 'Time Will Pronounce'is taken from the last lines of Joseph Brodsky#s poem 'Bosnia Tune' which deals with the horror of the unnecessary, unacceptable daily deaths in Bosnia during 1992 (and still in 1993): #Time, whose sharp blood-thirsty quill parts the killed from those who kill, will pronounce the latter tribe as your type#. The violin and cello are (generally) treated as a unit independent of the piano. The form (generally) alternates slow and fast tempi, without motivation. The musical ideas are (generally) carried over from section to section. (Generally) the harmonic, melodic and textual materials features third and semitones derived (generally) from the movement of the bass part in the opening bars.

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