Position 2 Violin CD

Position 2 Violin CD

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Nico Dezaire Violin Position 2

Position 2 is an instructive and pleasant introduction to the second position for violinist who have some playing experience in the first position. It is not necessary to learn the third position before beginning this book. Twelve exercises and 27 tunes in different styles # with accompaniment on the CD # provide an excellent basis for learning the second position. This consists of being able to play and read the fingering #whole-whole-half# on the four strings and on combinations of two adjoining strings. In #Final Theme# all strings are combined. Elementary position changes are approached from open strings or by sliding or by sliding with a finger, up and down the string. In order for the student to concentrate on reading and playing in the second position, indications of dynamics have been left out almost entirely. These can of course be added according to your own interpretation.

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