Red Parrot Green Parrot

Red Parrot Green Parrot

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Red Parrot Green Parrot (Violin Book) Tunes Songs and Games for Young Players

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Red Parrot Green Parrot brings a fresh approach to a child's first year on the violin or viola and is aimed particularly at the under-tens and the needs of group teaching - includiing mixed violin/viola In the pupil's part (teacher's book), the lower notes indicate the pupils viola line where it differs from the pupil's violin line.Each of the sixteen original pieces develops a new technical points in an atmosphere of fun and recreation. The first group of pieces is on open strings; then the first, second and third fingers are introduced, first on the D string and then on the A. E and G strings. More adventerous rhythms and melodic shapes are introduced as the book progresses. Taken as a whole, the collection is a realistic first year's work for a group of seven- or eight-year-olds, though older children or those having individual lessons will get through it more quickly.Red Parrot Green Parrot is also a song-book. Each piece has words, so children can first hear and enjoy the music by singing it. In this way they get to know the tune really well before playing it on the violin. This approach will be welcomed by teachers who prefer to introdcue music notation at a slightly stage, and helps to oversome the initial barrier of reading music. Some of the peices can also be used as action songs and games, which encourages a sense of physical freedom and movement. Children this fun, particularly as a group activity.Red Parrot Green Parrot is conceived primarily with violin accompaniment. Most teachers like to teach with violin in hand, and children love to play duets with their teachers. The optional keyboard is useful when violin accompaniment is not practicable. Each piece includes some brief technical points; dynamics are included in the pupil's part - though at this stage they are not a top priority.

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