Jazzkat Twinkat Amplifier

Jazzkat Twinkat Amplifier

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The TwinKatTM has 2 10" Celestion speakers and a tube available to the first channel. Providing a BIG WARM sound while lightweight to carry. 2 speakers provide a wider sound field. The amplifier section self-adjusts power as extension cabinets are added. When no extension cabinets are plugged in the amplifier pushes an enormous 150 watts of power. Pushing this power through 2 speakers provides any artist with enough sound for almost any venue. When you need more sound, extension cabinets can be added either by stacking them under the combo unit or spread out to provide a huge sound across the stage. Up to 3 extension cabinets can be added for a total of 8 speakers including the combo unit. The amplifier will automatically adjust the power and with 8 speakers you will have a blistering 250 watts that will carry your sound in any environment.
1 12AX7 Tube on Channel 1 = Switchable on/off with ON LED
2 - 10" Celestion Speakers
2 Channels
Channel 1 = Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, 1/4" Phone Plug
Channel 2 = Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Combo Plug (1/4" Phone or XLR)
150 Watts/RMS (8 Ohms)
16 Digital Effects with separate Level Control
Effects assignment switch = Channel 1 / Channel 2 / Both
Extension Speaker Jack
Headphone Jack
Line Out = XLR and ¼" Phone
Line Send / Return
Switchable power supply 120/240V
Top Handle
Advanced Sound Engineering Ported Tuned Cabinet

Weight: 12.7Kg H.58.4cm W.38.1cm D.27.9cm

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