Aria ES650 Used

  • £849.00

Japanese (Matsumoku)

Here is a fine Japanese made (Matsumoku) guitar from the early 1980's. It is impossible to date it accurately as there weren't records kept but I am going on the fact that Matsumoku guitars were built between 1977 and 1986 and although the serial number doesn't give me an obvious clue as to the age, the label used inside is a more modern type that the 70's ones I've seen. The other perculiar thiing with this guitar is that it is clearly labelled inside as being an 'ES 650' which doesn't match up with the books I have so it might have been a transition instrument, a prototype or just a production line mistake. I have seen an example online which was called an EA650 though but this is definitely an ES650.
That all aside, it is a classic era laminate jazz guitar which will give you the classic woody jazz guitar sound and is in great condition for the age. Complete with a hard case.

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