Bare Knuckle Manhattan P90 Neck RN

Bare Knuckle Manhattan P90 Neck RN

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1950s inspired authentic P90 tone in a humbucker size, voiced specifically for jazz stylists. Sharing its pedigree with the Half Note 90 soapbar, the Manhattan HSP90 offers the same pure and dynamic vintage P90 tone to players with humbucker size cavities in their guitars.
Hand-wound with 42AWG Heavy Formvar wire and powered by sand cast Alnico III magnets. Characteristic of the '50s, the relatively low pull of the magnets allow for a very natural sustain and reproduction of the guitars intrinsic tone. High tones carry plenty of body and never sound thin while low notes have incredible depth and clarity. The mids are broad but not over dominant, allowing complex chords to sound uncluttered and single note playing to remain lively and dynamic. The overall effect is of full-bodied, pure and extremely dynamic jazz tone.

As with all Bare Knuckle HSP90s, the Manhattan is a direct replacement for a humbucker and will fit into any humbucker size cavity. The Manhattan also features a unique art deco styled solid nickel silver cover available in a variety of different plating.

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