pBone Yellow

pBone Yellow

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YELLOW pBone - .509" bore, 8" bell, fibe

The NEW Jiggs Whigham pBone brings a fun and intriguing twist to the traditional trombone. With its plastic construction, this lightweight instrument sounds remarkably like typical brass trombones.

The new pBone is a colorful, fully functional small bore trombone. The resilient ABS plastic and fiberglass construction make it a remarkably durable instrument. The .500" bore and 8" bell keep with the traditional dimensions of a standard entry level trombone. Properly maintained and cleaned, the fiberglass handslide tubes with the brass stockings are self-lapping and will improve in overall slide action with use. Try the PBONE1Y in a striking yellow color for yourself and see why everyone is talking about the new Jiggs Whigham pBone.

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